The exhibition stars the once lost collection of the mysterious Dutch American artdealer Deffrey Yikes. Under Deffreys wing was a young Dutch girl from the small rural town Dunkelbruijn. Her name was Itchi von Wanderlust, a normally unassuming and quiet girl who became a master of her palette when enraged. Itchi outfitted herself in a rubber stuntman suit with shoes that had paintbrushes attached to the heels, and had crying fits when committing her paintings.

Being a confused and apparently psychotic individual who made conceptual installations of her own parents, literally OF her own parents, she was adopted and so manipulated by Deffrey as to confuse sexual arousal with painterly lust; this was accomplished by creating a false memory of witnessing a rape in artschool, which she felt ashamed for wanting to participate in rather than stop.

Travelling in Deffreys wooden sailboat Krank heet Huyp Itchi and Deffrey disappeared, along with Itchis artworks, under tragic circumstances in the Bermuda Triangle in 1963. They were underway to Itchis first soloshow in New York. Neither the boat or the bodies was ever found. The containers with Itchis works on the other hand suddenly washed ashore in Ibiza in 1992.

The exhibition exemplifies Itchis restless, some would say schizophrenic, nature. It involves Itchi trying to negotiate her complex and somewhat aggressive side with a longing for simplicity in her life.

Exhibited are paintings of garments with semiotic puns, highly impasto war protest paintings, portraits and selfportraits and so on. Also some never before seen assemblages are exhibited, showing Itchis rather subjective take on conseptualism.

The second room of the exhibition displays Itchis last and unfinished work, discovered in her studio after her disappearance. It’s a mockup for Deffreys mausoleum meant to be situated at his familys ostrich farm in Den Bögh.

Itchi von Wanderlust #I - 76x57cm Itchi von Wanderlust #II - 76x57cm Itchi von Wanderlust #III - 76x57cm Call to Arms - 100x100cm Why? painting#I - 55x46cm Why? painting#II - 55x46cm Why? painting#III - 55x46cm Why? painting#IV - 55x46cm Pancho Villa in Drag - 90x70cm Billy the Impressionist - 90x70cm Unpipe - 33x41cm Beastbeats - 46x38cm Anthr Painting - 90x70cm Nike Moon - 20x20cm Garden View - 61x50cm Pow Painting - 55x46cm Woool - 55x46cm Oo - 55x46cm S - 55x46cm Awww - 55x46cm Mmmm - 55x46cm Grrr - 55x46cm Sausage! - 50x61cm My Little Brother - 41x33cm Nailpolish on Sky Blue - 55x46cm Krank heet Huyp - 30x30cm Janus - 46x55cm Itchi - 30x40cm Dunkelbruijn Landscape - 20x20cm Black Hole - 46x55cm Bird of Prey - 55x46cm Aschew - 41x33cm